You’ll Forgive Me, Right?

So yes, I haven’t been updating my blog for a while…
But you’ll forgive me once you know the reason….

I was in Saudi Arabia, performing HAJJ!
And it was absolutely AMAZING!
I wrote all about it in an exclusive daily Hajj diary for (One of my favorite Islamic websites)
Feel free to check it out…

I’ll post one of my favorite days here for my lovely readers
I missed you all so much…
And i made some nice duas for all of you… May Allah accept it and fill all your lives with blessings and joy….

So come on…. You’ll forgive me, right?


3 thoughts on “You’ll Forgive Me, Right?

  1. skinningsbest

    Asalaaamu alaikum wr wb sis!

    Welcome back sis! May Allah subhana wa tala accept your Hajj, conceal and forgive your sins, and raise your ranks to highest jannah, ameen ya Rabbi! All is forgiven dear, thank you for the update and duas, you’re so kind! Alhumdulilah salaams sis 🙂

    with love and respect,


  2. Yacoob

    Of course. Hajj maqbool and mabroor. And may the purity, spirit, and beautiful lessons of Hajj remain ingrained in you until your last day.

    I wrote my own series after my Hajj 4 years back, which is here:

    Click to access hajjchronicles.pdf

    Reeeaaallly hoping and praying for the chance to go back again soon for this journey. They say umrah is different, and while I’d take that in a second, for me, Hajj is the top prize and one that I think all former hujaaj aspire to return to once we’ve had a taste of this immense experience.


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